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Materials Chemistry Group
Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EW, UK

Professor William Jones Professor of Materials Chemistry and Group Supervisor
Dr Graeme Day Associate Member
Dr Aurora Cruz-Cabeza Crystal Structure Prediction of Organic Molecular Solids
Dr Amit Delori
Dr Tomislav Friscic Development and Design of Solids via Weak Non-Covalent Interactions
Dr Gareth Lloyd    
Mark Eddleston  Characterisation of pharmaceutical compounds by transmission electron microscopy.
Bhavnita Patel 
Daniele Tomerini 
Danny Mirpuri-Vatvani  Modelling of Crystal Surface Properties
Ernest Chow 
Hugh Thompson 
Ed Pyzer-Knapp  Characterising the crystal energy landscapes of porous organic molecules
Andreas Stegmüller  Monolayer crystal structure prediction of organic materials on graphite surfaces
Patrick Beldon  The optoelectronic properties of metal-organic frameworks
Dongpeng Yan  1. Experiment and computer simulation on the ordered assembly of luminescent molecules in layered double hydroxides; 2. Synthesis of fluorescent organic crystals.
Seye Oh 
Cherry Yeung 
Matt Cliffe 
Michaels Arhangelskis 
Chris Jones 
Matt Doggett 
Matthew BrookerResearch Laboratory Technician

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