Materials Chemistry Group
Past Members

Past members of the Materials Chemistry Group include:

NameDatesResearchLast known position
Dr Andrew Cassidy2006-2010
Dr Katarzyna Hejczyk2006-200109
Dr Catherine Gardner2005-2009Characterisation of amorphous pharmaceutical materials using Atomic Force Microscopy Cambridge
Dr Shyam Karki2006-2009Pharmaceutical Cocrystals: Preparation and Properties Prosonix
Dr Sharon Mitchell2005-2009Sybthesis and Characterisation of layered inorganic mixed metal oxides and hydroxides Tarragona
Dr Arnaud Bonnet2002-2005Structure Investigation in Amorphous Compounds London
Dr. Nilwala Svetlana Kottegoda2002-2005Synthesis, Characterisation and Exfoliation of Layered Double Hydroxides University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Dr. Andrew Trask2003-2005Pharmaceutical Cocrystallisation New York
Dr. Delia Haynes2002-2005Investigation of the Effect of Counterions on the Crystal Structure and Properties of Organic Drug-like Molecules. University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dr. Chris Greenwell2000-2003Organo-Layered Double Hydroxide Materials: New Synthetic Routes and Computer Simulation University College, London
Dr. Ning Shan2000-2003Supramolecular Chemistry in Organic Crystals Singapore
Atkins Mucherahowa2001-2002Improved Sythesis and Characterisation of Anionic Clays London, UK
Dr. Marc Edwards1999-2001Structural Investigations into Organic Solids UK
Samson Sajidu2000-2001Analysis of Dehydroxylation of Aluminas University of Malawi, Malawi
Dr. Elaine Batchelor1995-2000Synthesis and Characterisation of Organic Solids Stevenage, UK
Dr. Toshiyuki Hibino1999-2000Synthesis and Characterisation of Layered Double Hydroxides N.I.R.E., Tsukaba, Japan
Dr. Ernesto Bastardo1995-2000Study of Substituted Mesoporous Molecular Sieves University of Caraccas, Venezeula
Dr. Andrew Bond1997-2000Prediction and Measurement of the Crystal Structures of Molecular Materials University of Cambridge, U.K.
Dr. Steven Newman1995-2000Synthesis and Simulation of Layered Double Hydroxides Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
Dr. Robert Mokaya1990-2000Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Solid Acid Materials University of Nottingham, UK
Eduardo Crepaldi1999Synthesis of Layered Double Hydroxides University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Masami Kaneyoshi1997-1999Synthesis and Application of Layered Inorganic Materials Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Takefu-shi, Japan
Dr. Stephen Cosgrove1992-1996
Crystal Chemistry and Stability of Perhydrates Astra Pharmaceuticals, Loughborough, UK
Dr. Sylvie Bonnet1997Phosphonate LDHs France
Zurina Shaarmeri1996 - 1997Supramolecular Chemistry Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
B. J. Zhang1997Layered MoO3 materials University of Bath, UK
Dr. Fathi Kooli1994 - 1997Layered Materials N.I.R.I.M., Tsukuba, Japan
Dr. Kazumasa Honda1996Crystallography N.I.M.C.R., Tsukuba, Japan
Dr. V. R. Pedireddi1994 - 1996Supramolecular Chemistry J.N.C.A.S.C.R, Jakkur, Bangalore, India
Dr. Krzysztof Wozniak1994 - 1995Physicochemical studies of weak interactions University of Warsaw, Poland
Dr. F. (Paco) Labajos1994Layered Materials University of Salamanca, Spain
Dr. Janet Bovey (now Chisem)1992 - 1996Pillared Clays Unilever Research, Wirral
Dr. Ian Chisem1992 - 1996Lithium Aluminium LDHs MEL Chemicals, Manchester, UK
Dr. Masha Vucelic1991 - 1994 Structure and dynamics of LDHsSwitzerland
Dr. John King1990 - 1994Crystal Chemistry of Organic Acid Amides Royal Bank of Scotland, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Graham Potts1990 - 1994Crystal Chemistry of Organic Pigments Banking in London, UK
Dr. Neil Feeder1989 - 1992
1992 - 1993
Organic peracids and solid state reactionsPfizer Pharmaceutical R&D, Sandwich, Kent.
Dr. Winnie Kagunya1989 - 1992Layered Double Hydroxides Unilever Research, Wirral, UK
Dr. Joao Barras Valim1989 - 1990Photolysis of organic LDHs University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Nuala Fitzsimons1988 - 1993Copper Hydride ChemstrySouth Africa
Dr. Gabrielle Walker1988 - 1992Potassium HydrideNew Scientist Magazine
Dr. Malama (Kenedy) Chibwe1986 - 1989Mixed Metal OxidesWyeth Pharmaceuticals, USA
Dr. Benson Kariuki1987 - 1990Structure and Reactivity of Organic salts University of Birmingham, UK

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