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    384 Transmission Electron Microscopy of Pharmaceutical Materials JPS (99) (2010) 9 4072-4083 M. Eddleston, E. Bithell, and W. Jones


    383 Benefits of cocrystallisation in pharmaceutical materials science: an update JPP (16) (2010), 1547-1559 T. Friscic, and W. Jones


    382 New solid forms of artemisinin obtained through cocrystallisation CrystEngComm (12) (2010) 4038-4041 S. Karki, T. Friscic, L. Fabian,and W. Jones


    381 A Three-Component Modular Strategy to Extend and Link Coordination Complexes by Using Halogen Bonds to O, S and p Acceptors ChemEurJ (16) (2010), 7400-7403 G. Lapadula, N. Judas, T. Friscic, and W. Jones


    380 Predicting stoichiometry and structure of solvates ChemComm 46 (13) (2010) 2224-2226 A. J. Cruz-Cabeza; S. Karki; L. Fabian, et al.


    379 Efficient synthesis of ordered organo-layered double hydroxides Green Chemistry 12 (4) (2010) 688-695 H. C. Greenwell, W. Jones, S. L. Rugen-Hankey


    378 Formation of Tubular Crystals of Pharmaceutical Compounds Crystal Growth & Design 10 (1) (2010) 365-370 M. D. Eddleston and W. Jones


    377 Three-component Molecular Assembly using Mechanochemical Grinding AnnChim SciMat 34 (6) 2009 415-428 T. Friscic and W. Jones


    376 Predicting Inclusion Behaviour and Framework Structures in Organic Crystals ChemEurJ 15 (2009) 13033-13040 A. J. Cruz-Cabeza, G. M. Day, W. Jones


    375 Investigation into the intragranular structures of microcrystalline cellulose and pre-gelatinised starch European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 74, 377-387 (2010) P. Laity, A. Cassidy, J Skepper. W Jones, R Cameron


    374 Comparative study of the synthesis of layered transition metal molybdates Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183 (2010) 198-207 S. Mitchell, A. Gomez-Aviles, C. Gardner, W. Jones


    373 Improving Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Solids by Cocrystal Formation: New Compressible Forms of Paracetamol Adv. Mater., 21, 3905-3909 (2009) S. Karki, T. Friscic , L.Fabian, P.R. Laity, G.M. Day, and W.Jones


    372 Following the surface response of caffeine cocrystals to controlled humidity storage by atomic force microscopy Int. J. Pharmaceutics 379 (2009) 59-66 A.M.C. Cassidy, C.E. Gardner and W. Jones


    371 Testing the sensitivity of terahertz spectroscopy to changes in molecular and supramolecular structure: A study of structurally similar cocrystals Cryst. Growth Des., 9 (3), 1452-1460 (2009) E.P.J. Parrott, J.A. Zeitler, T. Friscic, M. Pepper, W. Jones, G.M. Day and L.F. Gladden


    370 Recent Advances in Understanding the Mechanism of Cocrystal Formation via Grinding Cryst. Growth Des., 9 (3), 1621-1637 (2009) T. Friscic, and W. Jones


    369 Control and interconversion of cocrystal stoichiometry in grinding: stepwise mechanism for the formation of a hydrogen-bonded cocrystal CrystEngComm, 11, 470-481 (2009) S. Karki, T. Friscic and W. Jones


    368 The role of solvent in mechanochemical and sonochemical cocrystal formation: a solubility-based approach for predicting cocrystallisation outcome CrystEngComm, 11, 418-426 (2009) T. Friscic, S.L. Childs, S.A.A. Rizvi and W. Jones


    367 Evidence for the formation of anhydrous zinc acetate and acetic anhydride during the thermal degradation of zinc hydroxy acetate, Zn5(OH)8(CH3CO2)2.4H2O to ZnO Solid State Sciences 11, 330-335 (2009) T. Biswick, W. Jones, A. Pacu1a , E. Serwicka , J. Podobinski


    366 Structural Equivalence of Br and I Halogen Bonds: A Route to Isostructural Materials with Controllable Properties Chem. Mater., 20 (21), 6623-6626 (2008) D. Cincic, T. Friscic, and W. Jones


    365 The crystal structures of three novel lutidinium pamoate salts CrystEngComm, 11, 254-260 (2009) D.A. Haynes, Z.F. Weng, W. Jones and W.D.S. Motherwell


    364 Molecular Polarization Effects on the Relative Energies of the Real and Putative Crystal Structures of Valine J. Chem. Theory Comput. 4, 1795-1805 (2008) T.G. Cooper, K.E. Hejczyk, W. Jones, and G.M. Day


    363 Towards Prediction of Stoichiometry in Crystalline Multicomponent Complexes Chem. Eur. J. 14, 8830-8836 (2008) A. J. Cruz-Cabeza, G.M. Day, and W.Jones


    362 A cocrystallisation-based strategy to construct isostructural solids New J. Chem., 32, 1776-1781 (2008) D. Cincic, T. Friscic, and W.Jones


    361 Applying Hot-Stage Microscopy to Co-Crystal Screening: A Study of Nicotinamide with Seven Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Crystal Growth and Design, 8, 1697-1712, (2008) D.J. Berry, C.C. Seaton, W. Clegg, R.W. Harrington, S.J. Coles, P.N. Horton, M.B. Hursthouse, R. Storey, W. Jones, T. Friscic, and N. Blagden


    360 The application of focused microwave irradiation coupled with freeze drying to investigate the reaction of MgO and Al2O3 slurries in the formation of layered double hydroxides Green Chem., 10, 629-634, (2008) S. Mitchell, I. R. Baxendale and W.Jones


    359 A Stepwise Mechanism for the Mechanochemical Synthesis of Halogen-Bonded Cocrystal Architectures J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 7524-7525 (2008) D. Cincic, T. Friscic and W.Jones


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    357 Exploring the relationship between cocrystal stability and symmetry: is Wallachs rule applicable to multi-component solids? Chem. Commun. 1644-1646 (2008) T. Friscic, L. Fabian, J. C. Burley, D. G. Reid, M. J. Duer and W. Jones


    356 Isostructural Materials Achieved by Using Structurally Equivalent Donors and Acceptors in Halogen-Bonded Cocrystals Chem. Eur. J. 14, 747-753 (2008) D. Cincic, T. Friscic and W. Jones


    355 Synthesis of organo-layered double hydroxides by an environmentally friendly co-hydration route. Green Chem., 9, 1299–1307 (2007) H. C. Greenwell, C. C. Marsden and W. Jones


    354 Database guided conformation selection in crystal structure prediction of alanine CrystEngComm, 9, 595–602, (2007) T. G. Cooper, W. Jones, W. D. S. Motherwell and G. M. Day


    353 Gaining Insight into the Structure and Dynamics of Clay–Polymer Nanocomposite Systems Through Computer Simulation P. Boulet, H. C. Greenwell, R. M. Jarvis, W. Jones, P. V. Coveney and S. Stackhouse. Nanocomposites: Ionic Conducting Materials and Structural Spectroscopies. Eds: P. Knauth and J. Schoonman , Springer 2008.


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    351 Powder X-ray Diffraction as an Emerging Method to Structurally Characterize Organic Solids Organic Letters, 9(16), 3133-3136, (2007) S. Karki, L. Fabian, T. Friscic, and W. Jones


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    345 The role of anhydrous zinc nitrate in the thermal decomposition of the zinc hydroxy nitrates Zn5(OH)8(NO3)2.2H2O and ZnOHNO3.H2O Journal of Solid State Chemistry 180, 1171–1179, (2007) (T. Biswick, W. Jones, A. Pacuła, E. Serwicka, J. Podobinski)


    344 Solvent inclusion in form II carbamazepine Chem. Commun., 1600–1602 (2007) (A.J. Cruz Cabeza, G.M. Day, W.D.S. Motherwell and W. Jones)


    343 A synchrotron radiation study of the hydrothermal synthesis of layered double hydroxides from MgO and Al2O3 slurries Green Chem., 9, 373–378 (2007) (S. Mitchell, T. Biswick, W. Jones, G. Williams and D. O’Hare)


    342 Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and the quantitativemonitoring of mechanochemical cocrystal formation Nature Materials, 6, 206-209 (2007) (K. Lien Nguyeni, T. Friscic, G. M. Day, L.F. Gladden and W. Jones)


    341 Importance of Molecular Shape for the Overall Stability of Hydrogen Bond Motifs in the Crystal Structures of Various Carbamazepine-Type Drug Molecules Crystal Growth & Design, 7, 100-107, (2007) (A.J. Cruz Cabeza, G. M. Day, W. D. S. Motherwell and W. Jones)


    340 Oxidation of cyclooctane over metalloporphyrin-exchanged Al,Si-mesoporous molecular sieves of HMS (MMS) type Applied Catalysis A: General 313, 106–111 (2006) (L. Matachowski, K. Pamin, J. Połtowicz, E.M. Serwicka , W. Jones, R. Mokaya)


    339 Polymorphism of Scyllo-Inositol: Joining Crystal Structure Prediction with Experiment to Elucidate the Structures of Two Polymorphs Crystal Growth & Design 6: 2301-2307 (2006) (G. M. Day, Jacco van de Streek, A. Bonnet, J. C. Burley, W. Jones, and W. D. S. Motherwell)


    338 Exploring cocrystal–cocrystal reactivity via liquid-assisted grinding: the assembling of racemic and dismantling of enantiomeric cocrystals Chem. Commun., 5009–5011 (2006) (T. Friščić, L.Fábián, J. C. Burley, W. Jones and W. D. S. Motherwell)


    337 A one-pot synthesis of hybrid organo-layered double hydroxide catalyst precursors. Green Chemistry, 8, 1067-1072 (2006) (H.C. Greenwell, W. Jones, D.N. Stamires, P.O’Connor, M.F. Brady)


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